Hacker exam may be taken on the last day of the training (optional). Students need to pass the online exam to receive CEH certification. Certification. Number of Questions: ; Test Duration: 4 Hours; Test Format: Multiple Choice; Test Delivery: ECC EXAM, VUE; Exam Prefix: (ECC EXAM), ECCouncil TestKing’s Certified Ethical Hacker () PassGuide 50_,Q&A ECCouncil Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures.

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The hacker can use this valid username and password once the user enters the information in the website form.

This vulnerability scanner produces fildtype HTML- based report of security issues found on the target system and other information. You can answer them on your PC or download them onto a Palm device for quick and con- venient reviewing.

In reality, a good hacker just has to understand how a computer system works and know what tools to employ in order to find a security weakness. Suppose that in order to gain entry to your office at work, you had to first pass through a guard checkpoint at the entrance to the parking lot to verify your license plate number, then show a badge as you entered the building, then use a passcode to gain entry to the elevator, and finally use a key to unlock your office door.

TestKings 312-50

All requests and web pages are relayed through the anonymizer site, making it difficult to track the actual requester of the filetye.

A help-desk employee pretends to be a person of authority. Data in packets must be processed quickly. SNMP employs two major types of software components for communication: Again, security awareness training on shredding important documents can prevent a hacker from gathering passwords by dumpster diving.

These 3112-50 operate similarly to traceroute and perform the same information gathering; however, they provide a visual representation of the results. Prepare and sign nondisclosure agreement Flletype documents with the client. Be aware of the laws and punishment applicable to computer intrusion. The common command switches are listed in Table 3.


This method can be used to gather information before or during an attack.

They asked a janitor for a garbage pail in which to place filetyep contents and carried all of this data out of the building in their hands. She has served various edu- cational institutions in Washington, D. This is a well-known port number and can be found in the Windows services file.

What are the three phases of a security evaluation plan? Addresses can be obfuscated in malicious links by the use of hexadecimal or decimal notations. Know the order of the phases and what happens during each phase.

At the command line, enter dir test. The full text of the Section and laws is included as an appendix in this book for your reference. Title 18 of the U.

No ethical hacking activities associated with a network-penetration test or security audit should begin until a signed legal document giving the ethical hacker express permission to perform the hacking activities is received from the target organization. This can be useful in checking file integrity if a rootkit has been found on a system.

Covering Tracks 6 What Is Hacktivism? A brute-force attack is the slowest of the three types of attacks because of the many possible combinations of char- acters in the password. Active stack fingerprinting is detectable because it repeatedly attempts to connect with the same target system.

Wiley also publishes its books in a variety of electronic formats. Why would an attacker want to perform a scan on port ? Banner grabbing is an example of what? The purpose of this preparatory phase is to learn as much as you can about a system, its remote access capabilities, its ports and services, and any specific aspects of its security.

A systems administrator can implement the following security precautions to decrease the effectiveness of a brute-force password-cracking attempt: The only thing required to perform this enumeration is to create an authenticated session via LDAP.

The most common method is to boot to a Linux boot CD and then access the NTFS partition, which is no longer protected, and change the password. The three phases of a security evaluation plan are preparation, conduct security evaluation, and conclusion.


An attack from the Internet is known as a remote attack. For example, you can obtain internal IP addresses of host machines; even the Internet IP gateway of the organization may be listed.

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A local exploit requires prior access to the vulnerable system to increase privileges. A hacker can gain physical access by pretending to be a janitor, employee, or contractor. Step 1 will open notepad. The extracted password hashes can then be run through L0phtCrack to break the passwords. You see only the original data. Passive and active attacks are used on both network security infrastructures and on hosts.

Know the types of enumeration tools. You might feel the security checks were too stringent! Covering Tracks Once hackers have been able to gain and maintain access, they cover their tracks to avoid detection by security personnel, to continue to use the owned system, to remove evidence of hacking, or to avoid legal action. This process of testing the security of a system or network is known as a penetration test. Hardware keyloggers are small hardware devices that connect the keyboard to the PC and save every keystroke into a file or in the memory of the hardware device.

Know the phases of hacking. Ethical hackers are motivated by different reasons, but their purpose is usually the same as that of crackers: Icmpenum is great for scanning networks when the firewall blocks ICMP Echo packets but fails to block Timestamp or Information packets.

Know the classes of hackers.