Widely acclaimed as the best one-volume survey text available, A History of Russia presents the whole span of Russia’s history, from the origins of the Kievan . Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky (December 21, – May 14, ) was a professor at the University of California, Berkeley and the author of numerous books on Russian history and European intellectual history. A History of Russia Nicholas Riasanovsky; The Romanovs: Autocrats of All the Russias W. Bruce Lincoln; Twentieth Century Russia Donald W. Treadgold;.

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Now completely histoyr in this eighth edition, A History of Russia covers the entire span of the country’s history, from ancient times to the post-communist present. Keeping with the hallmark of the text, Riasanovsky and Steinberg examine all aspects of Russia’s history—political, international, military, economic, social, and cultural—with a commitment to objectivity, fairness, and balance, and to reflecting recent research and new trends in scholarly interpretation.

A History of Russia

New chapters on politics, society, and culture since explore Russia’s complex experience after communism and discuss its chances of becoming a more stable and prosperous country in the future. Widely acclaimed as the best one-volume history available, A History of Russia is also available in two split volumes—the first covers early Russia through the nineteenth century and ruasia second ranges from to the present.


Volume II features an additional introductory chapter that links Russia’s modern history to the events that preceded it. New to this Edition: He is the author riasanovskh several books, including A Parting of Ways: Government and riasanovsku Educated Public in Russia: Specializing in the cultural, intellectual, and social history of Russia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, his many books include Voices of Revolution, and Proletarian Imagination: Self, Modernity, and the Sacred in Russia, Sincehe has been editor of the journal Slavic Review.

Steinberg Contrary to those who believe that Vladimir Putin’s political world is a Machiavellian one of cynical ‘masks and poses, colorful but empty, with little at its core but power for power’s sake and the accumulation of vast wealth,’ Putin often speaks quite openly of his motives and values’and opinion polls suggest he is strongly in sync with widespread popular sentiments.

Steinberg Winston Churchill famously called Russia ‘a riddle, wrapped rudsia a mystery, inside an enigma”a phrase that makes me cringe when it shows up in contemporary journalism or student papers. Part of the problem is that we forget Churchill’s point: Frankly, if we want to understand Russia, we may be better off finding Russia nnicholas that there are no easy answers or certainties.

A History of Russia – Nicholas Riasanovsky, Mark Steinberg – Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.


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Commemorating World War I. A History of Russia Eighth edition Nicholas Riasanovsky and Mark Steinberg The major strength of this text is its narrative prose, which is both comprehensive and powerful.

Reviewers report that their students enjoy reading it, and that it histiry serves as a catalyst for their interest in Russian history. Other strengths include its political history, its discussion of historiographical debates, and its attempt to combine political, cultural, economic, and social history.

Russia Revised Edition Gregory L.

Russian Identities Nicholas V. Taken at the Flood Robin Waterfield. Reluctant Warriors James Matthews. Greco-Egyptian Interactions Ian Rutherford. The Aesthetics of Loss Claudia Siebrecht. Historry and the Dardanelles Christopher M.

Dachau and the SS Christopher Dillon. William Blackstone Wilfrid Prest. Slavery After Rome, Alice Rio.