Top 20 Nice Actimize Interview Questions And Answers. If you are looking for Actimize tool interview questions, here Coding compiler. Learn Actimize Robotic Automation & Become JOB READY ✓ 24*7 Support Learn industry-grade frameworks, tools, Realtime Use-cases and best practices. Actimize Tutorial; Actimize Interview Questions Actimize is a tool where the users have the whole control on the system and can respond quickly to the.

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The tool is highly flexible and easy to use. Actimize enables you to perform better detection and enhanced investigation amidst a growing sea of data coming in from an increasing number of sources in a variety of formats. There are number of positions available across all the locations.

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It is part of the NICE system who provide a wide variety of services that cater towards financial crime prevention, fraud detection, risk management. All these services are catered towards the specific businesses and they operate worldwide. Further, the company provides services like real-time cross-channel fraud prevention, Anti-money titorial regulations and surveillance solutions which primary tackle fraud payments, any specific market abuse and obviously for customer information safe.

How To Start Nice Toolbar? The following steps will help you to start or initiate Nice Toolbar: With the help of Nice Monitor, the applications can be used to monitor Live audio. With the help of NICE Supervision, if there is any failure within the application then catimize alarms are generated to acknowledge the same. What Is Model Validation?

A model validation is nothing but a set of instructions or defined workflow which actually doubles checks whether the entire system is functioning as it is supposed to be.

To be specific a model validation is nothing but a collection of processes and set of activities which are executed to verify whether the fraud models are aftimize and validate as it is expected to be.

Top + Actimize Interview Questions – Best Actimize Interview Questions and Answers | Wisdom Jobs

The key elements that are needed for a model validation framework are as follows: The list of all fraud consulting services that are included are as follows: With the help of NICE administrator window components, it will help to set up users, servers, loggers, and channels in your systems. A data field is nothing but the fields in the NICE applications where it contains information about a specific call and other audio segments which are actually recorded in NICElog system.


The tolo sources where the data fields are available on your site are as follows: The NICE Administrator has the privilege of enabling and disabling the data fields for viewing, querying and editing. All the data fields for the site are listed under Column. The process of changing a data field name happens under the column itself.

This will change the data field name which was available from the column. For a specific site, the user will be able to enable and tutoriial the data field for View, Query and Edit columns by checking the tick box. If the checkbox is ticked then it is enabled and if the checkbox is unticked then the data field is disabled. The site security actually covers the following items: These are used to backup all the audios that are actually logged by NICE loggers.

With the help of Actimize AML solutions the organization can be benefited: First and foremost evaluation of conceptual soundness Ongoing monitoring and tuttorial verification to validate the model functionality Outcome analysis. It is helpful for comparison of expected output vs output came through Question 7. Constant review of model governance and programs Feedback, guidance, actimizw recommendations based on the model governance Alert mechanisms Model validations and testing support Data integrity, model limitation reports Finally, regulatory examination tooll.

They provide expert guidance in terms of security Insightful and knowledge oriented financial advise to the organization in terms of fraud strategy Help the organization in defining the fraud management processes All the day to day challenges and technology challenges to mitigate the problems are taken care by NICE ACTIMIZE tool Question 9.

With this if the user has tried x number of times to access the site. If the user has exceeded or crossed the x number of trials, then the account should be locked out automatically.

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Displaying Log in information: This will help the users to see their login information when they have logged into the account. Also, it will also show the number of attempts they have made to log into the account. Auto Application lock information: This is after the fact, that means this way to protect the account is to set an idle time. If the user has crossed a certain tutkrial of minutes of idle time then the account will automatically lock the account.


Expanding the playback time: This will allow the user to define x number of seconds before actually listening to a playback audio. Usually, it is difficult to understand the playback audio if it starts from the recording.

Actimize Interview Questions & Answers

Using this feature, the user will have some pause initially which helps them to get ready and then they can start listening to the playback audio. Dual password requirements set: It is a two-step verification process where the user has to follow the two steps of verification tutorixl access the account information.

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