(). Agricultural intensification in Brazil and its effects on land-use patterns: an World Livestock – Changing disease landscapes. Agrianual PDF | On Dec 1, , Rafael Rocha da Silva and others published Silva et al, producers (AGRIANUAL, ). Throughout this. region. Data for: Consecana () Source: Agrianual () Data for: São Paulo State Source: Nassar and Cantarella (b) Source: EU () Data for ethanol.

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Introduction Agricultural expansion has been a major source of deforestation across tropical regions Geist and LambinRudel et alGibbs et alHenders et al As debates about oil palm’s role in both economic development and forest conservation in the tropics continues, examining the context and outcomes of the Brazilian case—including its production economics and broader deforestation-reduction initiatives—may assist in identifying key factors that support or detract from achieving these zero deforestation goals.

It is of special concern if developing pasture lands into oil palm induced cattle activity to relocate to the forest frontier, and thus resulted in indirect deforestation, as discussed in Barona et alLapola et alRichards et aland Gasparri and le Polain de Waroux Meyfroidt et al reported that previously cleared lands are favored by developers when commodity crops require access to infrastructure.

While the amount of intact forest directly converted for oil palm was nonzero, the amount declined between the two periods. The coconut areas removed were identified through either regional land use experts or rural environmental land registration data SI, section 2.

This salient enforcement program may have also affected the perceived probability of enforcement against deforestation in nearby areas and enhanced the SPOPP’s objectives. American Journal of Plant SciencesVol.

The mapping process first excluded legally protected parks, intact forest areas, and indigenous reserves from consideration, then evaluated biophysical characteristics such as soil and precipitation suitability SI section 1 to conclude that Brazil contains the world’s largest potential of non-forested suitable lands to cultivate oil palm: The study region spans ca. Yet, the incentives of oil palm producers may also be aligned with maintaining their remaining intact forest tracts, if, for example, they value maintaining healthy adjacent forest areas so as to generate positive ecosystem services, e.

These areas were then validated through field and site visits, consultation with regional experts, and comparison with information available in the October rural environmental register Cadastro Ambiental Rural —CAR.


Study site The study region spans ca. The Concept of the Mathematical Infinity and Economics. A portion of these areas may constitute a property’s legal reserve, and therefore possess some legal protection from deforestation. Meeting in Cancun, Mexico at the UN Biodiversity Conference CBD COP13 which ended on 17 December, governments agreed on specific steps to to agdianual the integration of the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity within and atrianual the agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and tourism sectors.

To find out more, see our Privacy and Cookies policy. Agropalma Sustainability Report www. Respondents from all three sectors commented on challenges associated with land tenure, though their emphasis varied by expertise and affiliation. Oxford University Press Conclusions. In doing so, they provide a macro-level snapshot of changes across regions and time frames. Areas identified as secondary vegetation appeared visually distinct from the darker-colored, heterogeneous, and roughly-textured regions typically associated with primary intact forest areas SI section 2.

Then, EB conducted a second validation field assessment July to compare preliminary results with two additional secondary data sources, including the CAR environmental land registry and a within-EMBRAPA initiative for mapping oil palm VenturieriRodrigues Produtividade e Sustentabilidade www. Here, we provide a qualitative summary of perceptions about the major contributors to the observed gap between modeling estimates and realized development, highlighting distinctive responses generated from representatives across each interviewed sector table 2.

Delayed payments from some buyers with few alternatives to negotiate, or high transaction costs for multiple small buyers- Reliance on fertilizer imports, tied to forex fluctuations- High production costs often render domestic product uncompetitive with imported substitutes. Third, how did local actors perceive which factors influenced the rate of oil palm development, and what was the role of the ZAE among them? With continued drought, Horn of Africa braces for another hunger season. Potential effects of climate variability on temperature and water regimes suitable for long term investments in oil palm.

Agrianual – Informa Economics IEG | FNP – Consultoria e Informações em Agronegócios

agriaanual To explore potential contributing factors, we conducted semi-structured interviews with researchers, company representatives, and government officials involved in the sector to characterize the perceived factors influencing oil palm development and the role of agro-ecological suitability mapping among them. Diagram created with googlevis package Gesman and Castillo in R 4. Some of the apparent success of the SPOPP may be attributable to low, or stabilized demand for land to be converted to oil palm compared to the supply of land indicated as suitable by the zoning process.


Safeguarding of biodiversity must be integrated across agricultural sectors. Archer Daniels Midland www. Should labor costs increase in other agrlanual countries, as anticipated in Malaysia Byerlee et al cthe relative cost disadvantage may diminish.

Women hold the key to building a world free from hunger and poverty.

The resolution of the input data used to generate the ZAE were not only too coarse in spatial extent Motta and Brefinbut also did not incorporate key variables that influence the economics of oil palm production and its social context. Bertone M V Agronenergia em revista Brasilia: Companies lamented agrisnual delays in identifying and developing lands due to competing claims or lack of sufficient documentation.

More specifically, abrianual three central questions guiding this work are: Robust transportation is especially critical for oil palm, as high-quality crude palm oil CPO production depends on road or river networks to reliably deliver fresh fruit bunches from plantation to mill within 24—48 hours. B —71 Crossref.

Nutritional status of yellow passion fruit submitted to nitrogen sources by fertigation.

The international price of oil palm blue, in nominal USD fluctuated significantly between andthough USD-BRL exchange rate changes dampened the fluctuations transmitted to nominal non-inflation-adjusted and inflation-adjusted oil palm prices in Brazil. Meyfroidt P et agriqnual Multiple pathways of commodity crop expansion in tropical forest landscapes Environ. Agropalma’s production average Agropalma Sign up agrainual new issue notifications. While our results also show that realized oil palm development falls significantly below the ZAE’s lower bound estimates for oil palm potential in Brazil, they also raise critical questions.

Such external initiatives should therefore be considered when designing zoning programs to constrain conversion. The authors gratefully acknowledge many researchers for their contributions to this work, including Holly Gibbs, Jake Munger, Avrianual Brito, and Eric Lambin. Moreover, oil palm projects within ZAE’s restricted areas would be prevented from obtaining environmental licenses and public credit.

Power A G Ecosystem services and agriculture: Bar height represents area: However, incompany reports indicated they were exploring third-party arrangements to finance mill construction Petrobras