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BUS The course focuses on understanding the critical leadership competencies and characteristics necessary for guiding organizations. By such knowledge, students understanding and problem solving skills are developed to help them cope with structural design problems during their education as well as during their professional carrier.

Arrays and File operations. More attention is given to how the building fabric can be assembled and orientated to control energy use and building performance using sustainable construction processes.

Introduction to system dynamics and control. These series of courses aim to develop student physical skills and the skills required for accurate lifting and carrying analiitik gaining adequate strength, endurance and flexibility. Introduction to Structural Steel Design. Pure bending and transverse loading.

Applications of computer-based information systems to support management decision making; basic system design, data organisation, and data processing.

This course offers students information on Management Information Systems and concepts of data and communication systems. Aircraft normally ,imya stop in mid-air to ascertain their position at leisure. This design studio course explores architecture as a cultural practice that structures both the physical and the social environment with a series of macro spaces design based project.

Establishing and managing a small business. Geotechnical and foundation design considerations. This course introduces students to the role of building technology in the design process. Studying dialogues in Chinese and rendering the students capable of their thoughts and emotions. Methods of applications to prevent or detect intrusions.


Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs: During this period a thesis title will be determined and a graduation thesis will written.

Electrical, thermal, magnetic and optical properties of materials. This course places an emphasis on the great complexity and interconnectivity of socio-political and cultural facts and employs an anthropological view to the history of art.

Concept of concurrency is introduced. Projects will reinforce the entire curriculum, emphasizing on the complex relationships of buildings in an urban context taking all factors into consideration by way of interrelated aspects of an existing urban fabric. Introduction to Roadware and RMS. How to manage the family business.

That mental model, in turn, is founded on operating procedures. Overview of casting technology, and metal casting processes. Fundamental of Kinematics; Degree of freedom, Types of motion, Grashof condition. Theory of counting; the multiplication rule, ordered samples and permutations, unordered samples without repetition; binomial coefficients, unordered samples with repetition. The automotive engineering profession, mechanical design, technical problem-solving ikmya communication skills, forces in structures and machines, materials and stresses, fluids engineering, thermal and energy systems.

Cam design with velocity and acceleration analysis. The overall functioning of operating systems and the concept of desktop.

Matter and measurements; Femel, molecules and ions. Flowcharts,pseudocode, control structures, datatypes and items.

Understand the key elements in planning, managing, and executing the retail marketing mix as they relate to the product, price, distribution, and promotion. Revealing the difference between newspaper and magazine languages in and through a comparative study aanalitik chosen texts.

Helping to prepare students for cutting edge careers in industry and research.



Programming with visual elements and readily available objects. The concept how we manage and conduct effective relationships with the consumers and other target audiences for product and service in the competitive business world is the main purpose of this course.

It offers advice on how to conduct research discussing different methods from analysis teme, findings to report of results. Precipitation, stream flow and hydrograph analysis.

LİNKTERA BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ-NET Developer | Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Kariyer Merkezi

Involves teaching of research techniques as well as the techniques of writing a thesis. Sheet metal forming; Bending, Cutting, Deep Drawing, and others. Lectures are presented in a sequence that allows students to learn how to deal with visual interface while acquiring important programming skills such as creating projects with objects, decisions, loops, and data management.

Hydrologic analysis in water resources: Definition of education, aims, topics, psychology, definition of educational psychology, objectives, developmental psychology, learning psychology, learning theories, memory, evaluation of educational needs.

Statistics, function concept, limit, continuity, derivative, drawing of simple curves, integral, differential equations, volume calculations, approach to vocational problems. Influence lines and moving loads. This course develops a consolidated understanding of the heavily complex economic and competitive environment in which the airlines are operating.

They learn the effect of mass, wind, density altitude in aircraft performance. Such instructions should be carefully complied with.