Yap Chin Hoong is the author of Ccna Complete Guide 2nd Edition ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) and CCNP Route Complete Guide 1st. [+]The best book of the month CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Deluxe Study Guide: Exam , Exam , Exam [FREE]. : CCNA Complete Guide 2nd Edition: The BEST EVER CCNA Self -Study Workbook Guide () by Yap Chin Hoong and a great.

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CCNA Complete Guide Notes | EduRev

Continue with Google Continue with Facebook. Already Have an Account? Written with the mindset to become the best CCNA self-study guide ever, it contains all the theory and practical knowledge that an accomplished CCNA must obtain to ace both the CCNA exam and the challenging real-life working environments.

Practical knowledge is vital for a CCNA candidate and you can horn this invaluable skill by launching the pseudo-real-devices in seconds and proceed to the lab guides.

How to be sure whether something works as it claimed to be?

CCNA Complete Guide

The companion CD-ROM includes all the detailed outputs of the important configuration and debug commands, as well as packet dump captures that verify all the concepts and facts presented in the main text. This ensures the information provided in the main text is as precise as possible!

Last but not least, obtaining and reading the CCNA Complete Study Guide 2nd Edition is the best investment you will ever make to become an accomplished network engineer!


He guidee great satisfaction when conveyed complex networking concepts to his peers. When not sitting in front of computers, Yap enjoying playing various types of musical instruments. Visit his YouTube channel during your study breaks.

A vendor may concentrate its research and development works on a single layer without worrying the details of other layers, because changes made in one layer will not affect other layers. The lower 4 layers define how data is transmitted between end systems. Application Acts as the interface between applications and the presentation layer. Applications such as web browsers are not reside in this layer.

In fact they use this interface for communication with remote applications at the other end. Presentation Defines data formats, presents data, and handles compression and encryption.

The receiving end will reassemble data according to the format used and pass them back to the application layer.

Uses port numbers to keep different application data separated from each other. Transport Provides reliable TCP and unreliable UDP application data delivery services, as well as segmentation and reassembly of applications data. Important concepts are connection-oriented, connectionless, error recovery, acknowledgment, flow control, and windowing. Network Defines end-to-end packet delivery and tracking of end system fuide with logical addressing — IP addresses.

Determines the best path to transfer data within an internetwork through the routes learning via routing protocols. Allows communication between end systems from different networks.

There are 2 types comolete packets — data packets and routing update packets. Data Link Defines how to transmit data over a network media how to place network layer packets onto the network media — cable or wireless with physical addressing. Allows communication between end systems within the same network. Physical Defines specifications for communication between end systems and the physical media how to place data link layer frames onto the media.


Yap Chin Hoong (Author of Ccna Complete Guide 2nd Edition)

Defines connector shapes, number of pins, pin usages complefe assignments, electrical current levels, and signal encoding schemes. Share with a friend. It has gotten views and also has 0 rating. Do check out the sample questions of CCNA Complete Guide forthe answers and examples explain the meaning of chapter in the best manner. Complete Science Test Test 45 questions 40 min. By continuing, I agree that I am at least 13 years old and have read and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

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