Designated smoking areas? Hazard Identification. 9. JSA filled out before start of the work? Did the whole crew participate in filling out the. JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS (JSA) PROCEDURE NUMBER: HES 0 Prerequisites Purpose Instructions Document Stor. In , Chevron Upstream and Gas implemented a procedure called “ inadequate Job Safety Analysis (JSA)/hazard analysis” as one of the top five most.

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Identify the Hazards and Take Action The first safeguard is you. A Procedure for applying the PU safety device, once installed. If the job changes: Click here and here. Schematic diagrams for the energy control and lock-out, tag-out LOTO device. Are labels, signs or displays inadequate?

Nsa with established worker qualifications and the best tools and experience to guide us, we must also be personally ready to perform each job at our highest capacity. The goal of the study is to broadly communicate information learned from identifying trends in the types of activities and root causes associated with major events.

Click here ; and. Protect from the release. Mr Byers said the Montara and Macondo offshore oil spill disasters, and subsequent inquiry recommendations, had highlighted the need for the international offshore petroleum exploration and production industry to create a capability for fast and effective response to uncontrolled hydrocarbons releases.

To reduce the odds for human error, you must address any chevronn that may interfere with your readiness to perform well and to react effectively to unexpected events or changes. Please click on the following link and let us know your views.

Chevron needs to encourage its workforce to take the time, plan, and re-plan if things change. Based on the energy source, the hierarchy of controls is:. Don’t make snap decisions. The Risk Tool Box would like to congratulate all the finalists but particularly to our customers at Hess Corporation in North Dakota for their success. Refer to the field guide in all phases of hazard assessment: These circumstances led the Managing Safe Work community in Chevron Upstream and Gas to take the leadership engagement program one step further.


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Stop-Work Authority All employees and contractors have the authority and responsibility to stop work that does not comply with the Tenets of Operation2 or that presents an imminent hazard – without the threat of reprisal. Prevent the release of energy. Previous 1 2 Next.

Hazard Analysis, a Requirement for All High-Risk Tasks We eliminate or mitigate risks by identifying hazards, taking actions to reduce them and sharing what we know. The risk for error and injury goes up at all experience levels when individual or organizational factors, task demands or the work environment interfere with our ability to focus on our tasks.

This field guide is a quick reference to help personnel involved in high-risk activities1 to identify and control the significant potential hazards unique to each activity and job. Radiation The energy emitted from radioactive elements or sources and naturally occurring radioactive materials NORM. Preventive actions you or your supervisor can take to reduce the risks to working safely include:.

Preventing serious injuries and fatalities requires operational discipline. Question what you would do in an emergency and include that information in the JSA document. Remove the energy source. Each major event that meets the study’s scope criteria is reviewed by a team of subject matter experts to reach a final consensus on the event’s root causes.

Biological Living organisms that can present a hazard.


Safety Awareness, Pipeline Operations & More —

This field guide supplements but does not replace existing permitting procedures and safe work practices. The confirmation of RPL status for our training course is applicable to more than 10, employees and contractors who have completed our Stepback and JHA training.

Click here ; and 5. Click here ; 2. At the Risk Tool Boxwe’d like to think that we’ve been at the forefront of promoting the proper use of JSA in the oil-field for the jsx years.

The confirmation was made verbally in response to a question put to Alf Standan. Are you capable of performing chevrin task but feel that you require more guidance? Mechanical The energy of the components of a mechanical system, i. Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U. The SFRT is designed jsaa address the risk of any uncontrolled discharge from offshore sub-sea oil and gas wells. Build awareness among workers, supervisors and work leaders at meetings, field visits, shift turnovers and any other opportunity.

Each submission was ranked using seven judging criteria — description of the problem or initiative, the solution, effectiveness, applicability to the rest of the industry, innovation, ownership and sustainability.

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Advanced search Show search help. This means performing every task the right way every time, from initial hazard assessment through each step of the job, including post-activity review.

Use during near-miss and incident investigations. Click here ; 3. Loss of focus can lead to an error. The implementation of this procedure has shown that regular leadership engagement with field-based workforce has led to an increased jjsa of Chevron’s Stop Work Authority policy.