CIMAH Regulations CIMAH regulations apply to all industrial activities except: A nuclear installation. – An installation under armed forces. – A vehicle or . Occupational Safety and Health (Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards) Regulations Popular. Published on 23 April Modified on 25 August. Name: Occupational Safety And Health (Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards) Regulations [P.U.(A) 39/96]. Country: Malaysia. Subject(s).

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An explanation in simple terms of the activity undertaken on the site. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. A reference to the off-site emergency plan drawn up if any to cope with any off-site effects from a major accident. Schedule 2 Crimidine kilograms Cyanthoate kilograms Cycloheximide kilograms Demeton kilograms Dialifos kilograms Diethyl S-ethylsulphinylmethyl phosphorothioate kilograms Diethyl S-ethylsulphonylmethyl phosphorothioate kilograms Diethyl S-ethylthiomethyl phosphorothioate kilograms Diethyl S-isopropylthiomethyl phosphorothioate kilograms Diethyl S-propylthiomethyl phosphorothioate kilograms Dimefox kilograms Dimethylcarbamoyl chloride 1 kg.

Confirmation that the site is subject to these Regulations and that the report referred to in sub-regulation 15 1 been submitted to the Director General. Installations for the production of metals or non-metals by a wet process or by means of electrical energy. Where a substance or group of substances listed in Part 1 also falls within a category of Part 2 the quantities set out in Part 1 shall be used.

Schedule 2 Nickel tetracarbonyl 10 kilograms Oxydisulfoton kilograms Oxygen difluoride 10 kilograms Paraoxon Diethyl 4-nitro-phenyl phosphate kilograms Parathion kilograms Parathion-methyl kilograms Pentaborane kilograms Phorate kilograms Phosacetim kilograms Phosgene Carbonyl chloride kilograms Phosphamidon kilograms Phosphine Hydrogen phosphide kg. This shall include advice to co-operate with any instruction or request from the emergency services at the time of a major accident.

Nuclear installation; Installation under the armed forces; Vehicle or vessel use in transportation; Industrial activity which involves less than 10 percent of the threshold quantity set out in Schedule 2 of the Regulations 3.


Control of Industrial Major Hazard (CIMAH) Regulations 1996

For the purpose of this schedule: Quantity of Hazardous Substances at the Installation. Emergency plan to be prepared in consultation with a Competent person. Categories of Substances Threshold Quantity 1.

Reports on Industrial Activity The manufacturer shall not undertake any industrial activity to regulation this Part applies, unless he has consulted a Competent Person to prepare a written report containing the information specified in Schedule 6 and has sent a copy of the report at least three months before commencing that activity.

When a major accident occurs, the manufacturer shall immediately notify the local DOSH office. Notification of Major Accidents Where a major accident occurs on a site, the manufacturer shall notify the nearest occupational safety and health office of the accident quickly shall provide: Program Integrity Regulations -Nysfaaa january 7, Ethylene oxide 5 tonnes.

Confirmation that the manufacturer is required to make adequate arrangements on site, including liaison with the emergency services, to deal with accidents and to minimise their effects. The common names or the generic names or the general danger classification of the substances and preparations involved on the site which could give rise to a major accident with an indication of their principal hazardous characteristics.

Inform the Public The manufacturer has to ensure that persons outside the site who are likely to to be affected by a major accident occurring at the site, are supplied with at least the information specified in Schedule 3. Named Substances Where a substance or group of substances listed in Part 1 also falls within a category of Part 2 the quantities set out in Part 1 shall be used.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Prepare and submit Industrial Activity Report by a Competent Person at least 3 months before commencing the activity. The manufacturer shall prepare and submit the on-site emergency to the Director General at least three months before the commencement of the industrial activity or within three months from the date of the determination for an industrial activity which has been determined as a major hazard installation.


Schedule 2 4-Fluorobutryic acid 1 kilogram 4-Fluorobutryic acid, salts 1 kilogram 4-Fluorobutryic acid, esters 1 kilogram 4-Fluorobutryic acid, amides 1 kilogram 4-Fluorocrotonic acid 1 kilogram 4-Fluorocrotonic acid, salts 1 kilogram 4-Fluorocrotonic acid, esters 1 kilogram 4-Fluorocrotonic acid, amides 1 kilogram 4-Fluorohydroxybutyric acid 1 kilogram 4-Fluorohydroxybutyric acid, salts 1 kilogram 4-Fluorohydroxybutyric acid, esters 1 kilogram 4-Fluorohydroxybutyric acid, amides 1 kg.

Threshold quantity is specified in Schedule 2 of regjlations regulations. The quantities reguoations out below relate to each installation or group of installations reghlations to the same manufacturer where the distance between the installations is not sufficient to avoid, in foreseeable circumstances, any aggravation of major accident hazards.

Where the manufacturer has commenced an industrial activity before the commencement of these Regulations or has commenced construction of an industrial installation for the purpose of an industrial activity six months before commencement of these Regulations.

Occupational Safety

Identification by position held of person giving the information. Substance Threshold Quantity Group 4 – Explosive Substances Styphnic acid 2,4,6-trinitroresorcinol 50 tonnes 1,3,5-Triamino-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene 50 tonnes Trinitroanisole 50 tonnes 2,4,6-Trinitroanisole 50 tonnes Trinitrobenzene 50 tonnes Trinitrobenzene acid 50 tonnes Trinitrocresol 50 tonnes 2,4,6-Trinitrophenetole 50 tonnes 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene 50 tonnes.

Information relating to the system of management system for controlling the industrial activity, namely —. Installations for the bottling of flammable and toxic substances defined under paragraphs ab and c of Schedule 1, for example, light petroleum gas, ammonia, chlorine and acetylene.

Adequate information on the actions the population concerned should take and on the behaviour they should adopt in the event of an accident.