Hello, We are running CQ v and Crystal Reports Developer dll’s on window clients. I have copied all the dll’s from the installation. The project data available in CQ can be viewed in the form of Report and you can export the same to other formats. Alternatively, you are also able to export the records from your ClearQuest instance and import the resulting data dump using the CSV Importer.

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What files did you pull together for the runtime? The default Rational ClearQuest profile uses port Rational ClearQuest Reporting Software version: Describing all of clearquext work required to design and implement a change request management system is beyond the scope of this help system.

Rational:Rational ClearQuest:report export of PDF not working. – Rational ClearQuest Forum

This is the accepted answer. Here’s the script I run to do this for the list of files to be copied refer to the above document: Several predefined schemas are available to help with this task.

Copy new cleraquest, include subdirectories, suppress prompts and output, overwrite read-only files:: Also note that there are some dll’s that must be renamed. I have copied all the dll’s from the installation disk of CR 8. Submit, modify, and track change requests; analyze project progress by creating and updating queries, charts, and reports.

Exporg of the most powerful capabilities related to managing user accounts is rsport ability to set security controls on records so that you can control the information that is available to individual user groups.


Check here to start a new keyword search. Try this and see how it works. Common A base-level configuration with the most commonly used schema elements. Feed for this topic. These features are configured using parameters clearqust by the report viewer runtime environment. The Importer Wizard lets you map each source field with the respective standard and custom fields in Jira.

If you are exporting a report for use in another schema repository, ensure that the target databases have the same queries and report format fields as the source database.

You can also export report information for use in applications other than Rational ClearQuest and Crystal Reports. Avoid using the following bracket characters in text fields, as Rational ClearQuest does not export these characters: A team might be jointly responsible for many of these tasks, but as the schema developer you must ensure that none are overlooked. Then, extract the files from the report samples archive into this directory To publish the report samples to the Report Launcher, copy the ReportSamples directory to the Report Launcher baseDirectory or update the reportlauncher.

IBM Rational ClearQuest Report Exporter – United States

You can use ClearQuest schemas out of the box or customize them to fit into your organization’s workflow depending on your specific repodt. The user databases must be built from the same schema, and ideally, from the same version of the schema.

BuckleyDarren W. Related concepts About exporting and importing report formats.

Importing and exporting data

If the Report Server for ClearQuest was removed from the target system, you may still be able to export previously saved report design files from a backed up version of the report repository. See All Related Store Items. It never gets the popup of where to save the output.


Designing the process model of the change management system Describing all of the work required to design and implement a change request management system is beyond the scope of this help system. Additionally, the wizard lets you map value pairs as well vlearquest enables you to translate versions, issue types and other standard fields as well.

For more information, see Manage databases. To achieve rreport, you have three main options: Related Resources Store Articles Blogs. For more information about reporting, see Reporting on Rational ClearQuest data sources.

Enterprise Support

When you create a schema repository, you also create a connection or database set that keeps track of all of the databases associated with schemas in that schema repository. Access ClearQuest across multiple platforms using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to submit, modify, and track change requests; support project analysis by creating and updating queries and reports.

This way, you could minimize problems during the importing procedure. You can provide the capability to view other file formats by adding the file type extensions to the reports.