1- & 2- precision over days, CLSI-EP5. This procedure is available in the Analyse -it Method Evaluation edition. Precision determines the variation of a method. NCCLS document EP5-A2 (ISBN ). NCCLS, West Valley Road, Suite , Wayne, Pennsylvania USA, THE NCCLS . Buy CLSI EP5 A2 Ed. 2 () Evaluation Of Precision Performance Of Quantitative Measurement Methods from SAI Global.

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For the purposes of this discussion reproducibility will not be considered, as it involves multiple laboratories. Enter Pre-assigned concentration of the analyte, if known. Latest blog post Analyse-it 5. Precision claims by a manufacturer should be tested at at-least two levels, by running three replicates over five days. Using the example data and assuming rp5 claimed repeatability is an improbable CV of 1.

CLSI document EPA2 describes the protocols that should be undertaken by the user to verify precision claims by cksi manufacturer. If left blank Analyse-it will use the mean of all observations as an estimation of the true concentration.

Here’s a brief description of the protocol. Statistical process control and quality improvement tools to exceed customer clxi and keep them satisfied. If the pre-assigned concentration is not known, the mean is csi as an estimate of the true concentration.

No literary matter in The Clinical Biochemist — Reviews is to be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by electronic or mechanical means, photocopying or recording, without permission.


CLSI EPA3: verification of precision and estimation of bias – Westgard

Please review our privacy policy. As alluded to above, EPA2 is generally used to verify that a method is performing as is claimed by the manufacturer. When undertaking the assessment the data must be assessed for outliers, which are considered to be present if the clsl difference between replicates exceeds 5. Instead total precision within a laboratory within-laboratory precision will be assessed.

CLSI EP5 1- & 2- run precision | Analyse-it®

Allowable precision can be specified in absolute units of the analyte, as a percentage of analyte concentration, or as a combination of the two eo5 which case the larger of the absolute and percentage concentration is used. What are perpetual vs annual licenses What is per-user vs floating-user licenses What is maintenance?

The first step is to calculate the mean of the replicates for each day, then for each result subtract the mean for that day and square the resultant value. Precision should be tested with two or more sample materials at different medical decision point concentrations.

Evaluating Assay Precision

Requests to do so should be addressed to the Editor. The figure of 5.

Please be aware that Analyse-it is only available for Microsoft Windows. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Save and re-apply filters Read the blog post. Select any cell in the range containing the dataset to analyse, then click Analyse on the Analyse-it toolbar, click Precision then click 1 and 2 Run over Days. It may be especially useful when patient samples are difficult to obtain for a traditional comparison of methods experiment.


If two runs are observed then a List dataset with repeat-measures and replicates layout should be used to arrange the two runs and replicates for each run. Two or more appropriate materials should be tested in the precision experiment. The most significant change is the creation of a relatively simple experiment that gives reliable estimates of a measurement procedure’s imprecision and its bias. If the calculated standard deviations are less than the published values, the user has verified the claim.

The user should ascertain that the imprecision of the candidate measurement procedure meets the criterion for allowable imprecision before beginning the evaluation. Thus the variance of the daily means is:. Reproducibility is at the other extreme and refers to the closeness of agreement between results of successive measurements obtained under changed conditions time, operators, calibrators, reagents, and laboratory.

Care must be taken in knowing which term is being referred to. However, if the values achieved are greater than those reported by the manufacturer, a statistical test needs to be performed to determine whether this difference is statistically significant.

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For this, longer-term assessment is required. Download latest release Version 5. When using quality control samples, these should be different to those used to ensure the instrument is in control at the time of the assessment.