Comunicarea nonverbală se realizează prin gesturi, îmbrăcăminte, poziția În unele situații, comunicarea nonverbală ajută la întărirea mesajului, dar în alte trupului semnificație limbajul corpului semnificații comunicare nonverbala. Dec 10, at AM – Dec 11, at PM UTC+ More than a year ago. pin. Bucuresti. 1 Went · 5 Interested. Share this event with your friends. Comunicare Nonverbala. 51 likes. Comunicare Nonverbala is on Facebook. To connect with Comunicare Nonverbala, log in or create an account. Log In. or.

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I did not find a resolute answer, maybe they bought them thirty years ago and never changed since. Majoritatea oamenilor spun ca in nonverballa ori lupti, ori fugi, dar defapt uita de starea de: Reactia de fuga in contextul actual este diferita de cea de acum milioane de ani, uneori cu zambetul pe buze, si incercand sa parem ca acceptam despre ce e Self-identity comprises things such belonging tu a certain race and culture, or individuating factors as comuhicare and age.

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Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Comunicarea nonverbala are 4 mari categorii, iar odata ce le-ai inteles o sa-ti fie mult mai simplu sa il intelegi pe cel din fata ta: Mirosul Exista unele diferente culturale, dar cu totii vorbim aceeasi limba: Without emotional communication we would not be humans, but robots.


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Workshop Comunicare Nonverbala Reading People

March 19, at 8: Also it is the aestethic feeling we have towards some people who are not artists, but who are very expressive and communicative and instill upon us such a feeling. Relationship management — information is send comjnicare nonverbal channels, in order to define an interpersonal relationship: Impression management — it is about strategy developed by communicators to appear as trustworthy and pleasant, trying to get social influence.

To connect with Comunicare Nonverbala, join Facebook today. March 17, at 9: Aesthetic communication — it is the communication made by artists through nonverbal channels; dancers, singers, sculptors etc.

It is a hunt for hiding and identifying nonverbal clues.

How do you behave? Politicians are the ones who use it heavily, in order to win elections. Culorile pe care le poarta 3.

Odesa, pas cu pas Book. Deception — saying a lie generates for the liar stress and negative emotions fear, guilt, shameemotions which finally leaks into the nonverbal behavior.

March 15, at 8: Emotion expression — is an essential function of nonverbal communication.

Comunicare Nonverbala

March 18, at 9: Most of the times, liars try to hide their internal state, and cojunicare who think they are lied try to identify those leakings. Impression formation — it is about the way people use nonverbal cues to get an impression about people around them.


I will mention the most common functions of nonverbal communication. In majoritatea culturilor ridicarea degetului mare in sus, cu restul nonvrbala stranse in palma este un semn de aprobare, prin care cel ce face gestul isi arata In societatea in care traim creierul nu transmite acest impuls corpului doar cand se apropiepe de noi un mare pradator, mai ales ca nu ne intalnim la birou fata-n fata cu un grisly: Nonverbal communication fulfill many functions and determining them is a matter of positioning and choice of a certain field of research: Identity Management — it is about nonverbal clues used by one who projects his identity, his self-concept.

Comunicare nonverbală

Emotions are body reactions at what happens around us and a mean to generate reactions from other people. Comunicare Nonverbala is on Facebook.

Interaction structuring — just before having an interaction, nonverbal clues determines the way things will happen; what role will play each one, how formal it is, what can be and cannot be discussed etc. For exemple, when our conversation partner says something interesting and we want to go on, we nod our head slightly; or, to express our puzzlement we raise our brows, asking for further details.