Fixation Options. CORAIL PINNACLE 17% Less Chance of Revision. Hip Prosthesis Fixation by Patient Age. What’s Your Fixation Choice in THR?. DePuy Pinnacle Hip Help. likes. Let the experienced lawyers at Kershaw, Cook & Talley help you with your defective hip. Please contact Bill Kershaw. Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics is on the hook for approximately $ million in damages in a bellwether.

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DePuy Pinnacle Hip Help added an event. DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 2. DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 6. He has pinancle given it a name: In fact, cobalt and chromium are used to make artificial hips that are not metal-on-metal but instead use polyethylene liners, or ceramic heads, or other non-metal components.

Join us live tomorrow and I will be available to answer your questions. Did it start this week? Non-clients have also been calling to inquire about the status of the trial.

The reason I am doing this video is pimnacle answer a q Stay tuned for the next one! DePuy Pinnacle Hip Help was live. I woke up before the sun feeling wide awake, but not ready to face the day, I forced myself to fall back asleep re-entering the world of dreams and mystery. Each of these people has a unique story to tell. DePuy Pinnacle Hip Help shared a link.


Graham Isaac released a short paper discussing the problems with metal-on-metal MoM artificial hips. Would you trust robot-assisted joint replacement?

DePuy Synthes Hip Portfolio

Artificial pinacle manufacturers may see only a faceless crowd of victims. For many years my clients with failing artificial hips have asked me about the health effects of high cobalt and chromium levels in the body.

Suzanne was forced to undergo revision surgery a year later. The product failure often requires revision surgery, and the injuries that result from the artificial hip failures change lives forever: I am very grateful for the review and punnacle like to share it:. A former client wrote a review of my work helping him through his metal-on-metal artificial hip case. The short answer is yesthe fourth bellwether trial began on Monday September 18, Please only message us your questions.

All- We post updates as soon as we have an update to provide. My life is a bit crazy these days. Now the robots are helping surgeons depiy joint replacement surgeries!

Talk to you then. DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 5.

DePuy Pinnacle Study called “grave fraud” – DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit

This is her story: Suzanne received a metal-on-metal artificial hip in Trustworthiness, operational expertise and great results. Study dwpuy Metal-on-Metal Hips Released For all metal-on-metal artificial hips, we have to start with the central question: I want to share with you the affidavit submitted by Dr.


My dreams have been fraught with intrigue, dysfunction, insanity and all kinds of craziness and no wonder! You can read about previous Pinnacle bellwether trials and their huge jury awards here and here. However, they will retry the case.

DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 7. But the jury went further, concluding that the actions of the companies were fraudulent and deceptive, pinnafle that they had acted recklessly and maliciously in manufacturing, selling, and promoting the flawed products.

Sections of this page. Suzanne received a metal-on-metal artificial hip, and four years later the hip was recalled.

PINNACLE® Hip Solutions | DePuy Synthes Companies

At this time, DePuy is not interested in discussing settlement until the Andrews third bellwether trial appeal is decided. This is her story:. These last findings permitted the juries to award punitive damages. DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 1. The hip was recalled inand Suzanne was forced to undergo revision surgery in This robotic technology transforms the way partial knee, total knee, and total hip replacements are performed.

Hodges and his paralegal were spot-on with every aspect of my case.