Locator | Leica DIGISYSTEM™ – Modèle Digicat (). DIGISYSTEM™ in general Default Power mode selection when turned on, for safety Fully automatic. The Leica Digicat SMARTREADY locator The highly intelligent Leica Digicat i and ixf locators have fully integrated manually adjust the sensitivity controls. Revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly on Digicat models with Bluetooth® functionality The Digicat i-Series locators have multiple modes of operation allowing users to have . Leica Piper /

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Used to trace and identify metallic services, by impressing a distinct signal onto the service, allowing it to be traced above ground. Mark out the area to be excavated with line marker or chalk.

Select 33 khz mode 3. Flir Systems the market leader in infrared and thermal imaging camera’s have just appointed Merlin Lazer as one of its UK main distributors.

Jean-Jacques Bergeron il y a 3 ans Total affichages: Disponible avec 2 ports USB. Replace all batteries once the battery pack becomes exhausted. Magento Extension The iphone and Android applications require access to data from your Magento store.

It is simple to use in many tracing situations without requiring highly trained operators. A compatible receiving wireless device must be within 10 m for reliable data communication. Control your dog with your Smartphone. Brief Description A much simplified version of It is used for adding tokens to a Net2 system and also for identifying lost cards. Power distribution systems and radio transmitters. I look forward to receiving two signed copies of this letter.


English Français Español. Leica DIGICAT / – PDF

Drawings, manul or information should always be obtained but they may be faulty or incomplete. Product identification The model and the serial number of your product are indicated on the type plate. Olga Kharytonava disponible tous les jours par courriel, sauf le week-end. Press the yellow release button to unlock the Battery Hatch.

Leica DD100 Series

Digitex The logging feature is not available if the wireless communication is not established, if there is no communication then LOG is not displayed. The DIGICAT converts the electromagnetic field into an electrical signal, which then informs the user of the results of the detection via the display panel. After a few seconds the display will show LOG on the depth display as a prompt to send this additional data over the wireless network.

This method of locating buried pipes, cables and sewers diggicat become almost universal. When you locate a three peaks signal with a null point between each, carefully mark the null points. The index is at the back of the manual.

This battery powered transmitter is used in conjunction with standard drain rods. You have 0 items in your basket.

Safety Instruction for Wireless Products Safety Instruction for Wireless Products If your computer has wireless function, all safety instructions must be read carefully and must be fully understood, before attempting to use our Wireless Products. Danger Connecting the lead set to a live service can result in receiving an electric shock.


An audible response will be emitted when the constant meter display is above the flashing LED. Easy to use, robust and competitively priced, this tool is perfectly suited for all construction applications. Digkcat both cases a noticable dip in signal will be observed. If this does not occur, it may digicaat necessary to clean manul points with a wire brush or sandpaper or improve the earth spike ground connection. Ensure all users are fully conversant with its operation.

Leica DD Series | Leica Geosystems

Sweep search Pinpointing Direction These digiat are described in detail on the following pages. Built for adverse site conditions Working in busy construction sites presents a personal hazard to construction workers who must use both their eyes and ears to ensure personal safety. Differences between the two models are marked and described.

The connection lead set should never be connected directly to a live service. Installation Instructions Installation Instructions Cat. The difficulty of obtaining information about buried utility lines is that nothing is visible.

This should help to get a clear connection between the instrument label and the information in this manual. The service is too deep. The cabled sensor includes the humidity and temperature sensors as well as the wind.