Read Common Sense Media’s Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood review, age rating, and parents guide. Ann Brashares · Friendship; Save This friendship fiction book, Forever in Blue, is written by Ann Brashires. : Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) (): Ann Brashares: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. Ann Brashares has created a wonderful, heartfelt series for teens (and adults) around a pair of pants. In her breakout.

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With unraveled embroidery and fraying hems, the Traveling Pants are back for one last, glorious summer. Sisterhood followers who are eagerly awaiting this final book will not be disappointed.

Young women, you might even say.

And though their lives traveled in different directions, they loved each other very much. Once upon a time before that, these same girls found a pair of pants, wise and magical, and named them the Traveling Pants.

The Pants had the magic of teaching these girls blur to be apart. They taught them how to be four people instead of one person.

How to be together no matter where they were. How to love themselves as much as they loved bleu other. And on a practical level, the Pants had the magic of fitting all four of them, which is hard to believe but true, especially considering only one of them the blonde was built like a supermodel.

I am one of these girls. I wear these Pants.

Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood – Wikipedia

I have these friends. I know this magic. I am in fact the blonde, though I was kidding about the supermodel part. But anyway, as it happens with most kinds of magic, these Pants did their job a little too well. And what a relief too, Lena found herself thinking. Good thing you could count on human vanity and the onward march of fitness crazes anm mats and mirrors. Not much else was the same. Things were different, foreber were missing.

Carmen, for instance, was missing. Nobody was quite sure about when posterity started, or if maybe it already had. Bee had gamely set out the bowls of Gummi Worms and Cheetos, but nobody was eating them.


We could meet back here for a long weekend? Lena knew what she meant. Lena bit the skin around her thumbnail and considered the practical truth of this. Summer used to be different. It brasharees the time they left home, split up, lived separate aann for ten long weeks, and counted on the Pants to hold them together until they were reunited. Now summer was more of the same. But when she thought about it logically, she knew: What was home anymore?

What counted as the status quo? Home was a time and it had passed. Nobody was eating the Gummi Worms. Lena felt like she should eat one or cry. Lena and Tibby were taking the train together: Tibby was getting off in New York to start film classes and her Brawhares job, and Lena was heading up to Providence to change dorm rooms for the summer.

Forever In Blue: The Fourth Summer Of The Sisterhood

Bee was spending a few days at home before she left for Turkey. She picked up the Pants and cradled them briefly. She had a feeling she could not name exactly, but one she knew she had not had in relation to the Pants before. She had felt gratitude, admiration, trust. What she felt now still contained allthatbut tonight it was mixed forver with a faint taste of desperation. Carmen nodded into the receiver. Her mother sounded so happy that Carmen had to be happy.

How could she not be happy? Some plastering, painting, refinishing the floors. Hopefully we can get most of it out of the way before we move in.

I hope it will be by the end of August.

Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood Book Review

It has a beautiful backyard for Ryan to run around in. Carmen thought of her tiny brother. He could barely walk yet, let alone run. He was going to grow up with such a different life than the one Carmen had. For having a house with a yard and a bigger room? It was too late to redo her childhood.

She had the one she had, and it had taken place in her small room in their apartment.

It was sad and strange to lose it and too late to replace it. Where did that leave her? Without her old life and not quite coming up with a new one. In between, floating, nowhere.


That seemed all too fitting, in a way. Julia Wyman sounded annoyed. Carmen glanced behind her at her clock. She hustled out of her dorm and to the theater. But did it matter? Nobody was looking at her. Julia was waiting for her backstage. Carmen bent down to work on the safety pin. How does it look? But Carmen did anyway. These days she felt her presence had the same effect as a ghost—nobody noticed her, but the air suddenly got cold.

Carmen squinted and tried to make herself small. She did not like being onstage when the lights were on. Was she the one who put it up fogever She positioned the ladder, climbed up three rungs, and aimed a staple gun at the plywood wall. Set building was strange in that it was always about the impression, made to anh seen from particular angles and not made to last. It existed in space and time not as a thing, but as a trick. She liked the chunk sound of the staple clawing into the wall.

Her dad was paying a lot of money for that. How to gain seventeen pounds eating cafeteria food and chocolate at night when you felt lonely. How to be invisible to guys. How to wear sweatshirts almost every day because you felt self-conscious about your body. How foreved elude the people you loved most in the world. How to be invisible to pretty much everyone, including yourself. Carmen was very fortunate, she knew.

Because Julia was one of the most visible people on campus. They balanced each other out. Without Julia on the campus of Williams College, Carmen privately suspected she might disappear altogether. For more of this excerpt go to www.

Woods combines heart-pounding suspense with moral weight… More. And that is how this tale of sisterhood began, but did not end. Can you go later? When will we all be home again? That was what she wanted to know. From the Hardcover edition.