Constructed by Yaqut of Dabul, Gol Gumbaz exhibits the Indo-Islamic style of architecture. The dome of Gol Gumbaz is one of the largest domes ever built in the. Gol Gumbaz is the mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah, Sultan of Bijapur and the seventh ruler of the Adil Shahi dynasty. The tomb, located in Bijapur is about . May 14, Gol Gumbaz is a tomb of Adil Shah in Bijapur, Karnataka. Its circular dome is said to be the second largest in the world after ‘s Basilica.

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Top Places to Visit In Bijapur.

Starting from INR 1, The ruler intended to build a mausoleum for himself, which would be grander than the tomb of his father, Ibrahim Adil Shah II. This area is an alluring point of its architecture as they reflect the echoing sounds for more than ten times. Case of wanderlust, spread!

Watch this video to get a feel of how it looks from outside. Indeed the dome is marvelous. Interested in Other Monuments? Eight intersecting arches created by two rotated squares that create interlocking pendentives support the dome. Ask a question from people who travelled to Gol Gumbaz recently.

By a stroke of luck or because of my Karma or just because of the sweltering heat, the gallery was virtually empty, barring a group of students which included a guitar toting young man with a rock star kind of hairdo.

The composition and ornamentation of the Ibrahim Rauza is exceptionally intricate and beautiful. Will have to research gumbz. These are named so because even the slightest of the sound can be heard on the other side due to the acoustics of the space. Yes, the dome is quite impressive and the food is yum! I stood and looked all around and was enveloped by an eerie feeling, as I stood alone inside the vast dome enveloped in semi-darkness. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time.


Gol Gumbaz

It is sometimes even referred as “the Taj Mahal of South India”. You share such unique and interesting experiences that I find so inspiring, and Gol Gumbaz is no exception.

Sadly the structure never saw the light of day and only two vertical arches stand as silent testimony to the royal intrigues of the Adil Shahi gumbqz.

India is so full of these stunning places… great post. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi to reach Gol Gumbaz. The foundation of the tomb is rested on the bedrock.

Gol Gumbaz: The Circular Dome in Bijapur

India is definitely our next destination. This is a very informative post and I will actually bookmark it because I am returning to India in November and this time heading South.

The gumbzz whispering gallery of Gol Gumbaz is situated at the height of Archaeological Survey of India. I kept wondering where is Gol Gumbaz? Chand Bibi played a greater role in Aurangabad. Always been fascinated by this building.

The name finds its roots from the words Gola Gummata meaning circular dome. Never heard of it before and you wrote a beautiful glo to it.

But the acoustics of the Mausoleum elevated him to the stature of a real rock star. At each of the four corners of the cube, is a dome-capped octagonal tower seven stories high with a staircase inside. I love pendentive architecture, so you sold me on it from the start, but the acoustic phenomena is really amazing.


Beautiful petals covering the drum are carved at its base. Bol gumbaz even echoed the tick tick of the clock! Thank you so much Lou. Views Read Edit View history. Thanks for the informative post and beautiful photos!

Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur | Images, History, Architecture & Information

gl I would love to spend some time experiencing it in such a beautiful, historical place. What an impressive building! It is believed that once completed the Bara Kaman would have cast its shadow gjmbaz the Gol Gumbaz at a distance of 4 Kilometers and hence the structure never took shape.

I love the architecture of these buildings! The plan was to build a structure with twelve arches on the vertical plane and twelve arches on the horizontal plane which would surround the tomb. Nice article and pictures! The mausoleum has been built in dark grey Basalt stone and the facade is decorated with plaster. The loud ticking of a watch brought me back from my reverie and I realized that the music had stopped, I looked gpl my wrist, and realized that I was not wearing a watch!

Gol Gumbaz has 4 minars, each has 7 floors with staircases.