Hesketh Prichard, Writer: Don Q Son of Zorro. Other Works: Novel (as Vernon Hesketh Prichard): “November Joe, Detective of the Woods”. See more». Edit. Hesketh Vernon Hesketh Prichard was a contemporary of the Antarctic explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard (assistant zoologist, British Antarctic Expedition. Hesketh-Prichard was a hunter, explorer, cricketer, author and soldier. As a club land author he found fame as a fiction writer: his most famous.

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This man had killed a number of our fellows. Then I give them a hillside to examine. Born in he spent part of his time as a big game hunter and playing cricket for Hampshire. Without him this very necessary reform might, and probably would, have been strangled at birth, or would have only come into the Army, if it had come at all, at a much later time.

The drainpipe loophole is also very good.

Major Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard DSO MC | iShoot

Outside the members of the staff, we had help from hesketg to time from various officers who were attached for short periods of duty. Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard, born November 17th and died June 14th Later on, Gray’s Division moved into the i ith Corps, where Prichzrd have always thought that sniping on some sectors reached its high-water mark as far as the year was concerned.

A glance showed that he was still there. The officers know no more than the men about hezketh sights, and what I want to do is this: I will conclude this chapter with a letter that I wrote in November, IN my last chapter I attempted to give some history of the small beginnings of organized sniping, and I will now turn to the actual work of sniping in the line.

This stick was inserted in the groove and the dummy head slowly pushed up above our parapet. Colonel Stuart privhard only allowed me to speak of my ideas to various officers in high command, but even did so himself on my behalf.

The thing to do then is to lay a telescope on through a drainpipe loophole near by. Of its ups and downs, of its troubles and its successes, and of its ultimate triumph, Major Hesketh-Prichard tells the tale with modesty typical of the man.

The use of the telescope was now a matter of immense interest, as Intelligence wanted all the facts they could get about the enemy, and consequently instruction in glass-work for battalion and brigade observers became more and more sought after, and I trained many observers for Major-Genera 1 Hull, G.


I went up the long road through Doullens, Frevent and St. I had the opportunity at Colonel Lloyd’s school of learning a great deal that I did not know about telescopic sights, and many other matters in which Colonel Lloyd is a past master.

Hesketh Vernon Hesketh-Prichard – Wikisource, the free online library

Wherever there was a battle I used to try and get to it at the earliest possible moment, in order to have the opportunity of examining the German trenches, for as time went on sniping became more and more scientific, and the Germans were always starting some new method which had hesleth be countered.

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The third was when the Germans had fairly gone to prichxrd and would no longer give us a chance. Besides, as I have pointed out, in these early days of trench warfare the continual attrition caused by German snipers was very bad for moral. Now that I had got my chance I was at first extremely happy, but later, as I could not go to my new work at once, I became a little nervous of failure, and pictured myself unsuccessful in my attempt to dominate the German snipers.

There was hardly an incorrect sight in the 10th or 7th Corps, and scores ptichard officers and hundreds of men had been through courses at Colonel Lloyd’s 10th Corps School, or with me. Hesketh-Prichard learned of the high casualty rates due to well-trained German snipers and that it was common for British regiments to lose five men a day to snipers.

But when we settled down to trench warfare, and the most skilful might spend a month in the trenches without ever seeing, except perhaps at dawn, the whole of a German, and when during the heskety one got but a glimpse or two of the troglodytic enemy, there arose this need for very accurate shooting.

Underhill, the three ” scouts. He listened with great interest to the various ruses, of which there was now quite a long list, that we had employed in the trenches. He hunted seals on the coasts of all the home nations. From that time onwards, owing pichard to the energy, enthusiasm, tact and personality of its Commandant, the influence of the Sniping, Observation and Scouting School spread rapidly throughout the British Forces in France. As I think of sniping all day and often dream about it at night, I could write you a lot more on the prrichard, of which I have only touched the fringes.


Hesieth a club land author he found fame as a fiction writer: Again and again we had classes, the least successful member of which hekseth seventy-five of the hundred marks. We formed a museum, which became quite famous, and in which were various exhibits of German and British sniping paraphernalia. But the Higher Command soon put a stop to this, and thenceforward we were allowed to plough our lonely furrow.

The loopholes in dry weather are damped before being fired through, and, most important of all, no one but the CO.

Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard

Gray, being signed to do so by his guide, looked over, only to be saluted at about ten yards’ range with a bullet which whizzed by his ear. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia. Their marks were small, but when they hit they usually killed their man, and the hardiest soldier turned sick when he saw the effect of the pointed German bullet, which was apt to keyhole so that the little hole in the forehead where it entered often became a huge tear, the size of a man’s fist, on the other side of the stricken man’s head.

After that, Colonel Stuart often questioned me, and I pointed out to privhard our continued and heavy losses, the complete German superiority, the necessity not only of a course of training but, more important still, the selection of the right men to train and also their value prihard Intelligence if provided with telescopes, and made a dozen other suggestions, all very far-reaching.

Moving from brigade to brigade, I would often find splendid arrangements for testing the telescopic sights, and as often none at all.

Prchard have given at full length this account of the officers and N. But the powerful robber of Southern Europe, who holds his captives to ransom, lives a very different life to that of the knight of the road. The 4th Corps also had a good school, but they soon moved out of the Army to the south.