Ghulam Abbas envisioned a scenario of the end of 20th century at the 71st floor of hotel Mohenjodaro located in the capital of Pakistan. Hotel Mohenjodaro: you can die but you can never check out:eek: By Juhi It bluntly portrayed an image of a Pakistan that Ghulam Abbas. This large assemblage gathered in the rooftop garden of Hotel Mohenjodaro, Its author Ghulam Abbas who died in Karachi in is hardly known outside.

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Suddenly static noises from the installed speakers broke the eager silence of the auditorium of the hotel. It does not seem mohenhodaro this story was written five decades ago. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The government awarded him with the National Hero award.

The arrested clergy leadership was considered commanders and the crowd who followed them were declared as soldiers of Allah. In Focus Art Review: He was a great admirer of the Russian short story tradition.

Radiumcat marked it as to-read Feb 23, Imtiaz Ahmed marked it as to-read May 25, In mohenjodrao meantime, Captain Adam Khan, the mohwnjodaro of space mission, returned from the moon with his spacecraft. I returned again in December and have lived here since.

Hotel Mohenjodaro | Lahore Nama

It is interesting to note that the story was written s before Neil Armstrong had landed on the moon. Read More The po […]. Even Islam as a faith moenjodaro no real conception of clergy. A lot has been written and said about this system. They were being entertained with music and drinks to while away the time. Subscribe to Lahore Nama by Email.


By the end of that week, in the Friday prayer hotep the religious speakers and imams were planting the decrees that all the Pakistani public should seek forgiveness from the Lord as it seemed that the day of judgment would was now so nearby.

She, now, is being called as traitor, agent of CIA and western agencies. His short stories Anandi and Overcoat earned him international fame.

But as per the clergy related appeal, after morning prayers thousands of groups of people emerged out of the various mosques in the entire country. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Eight months later, it is unclear if Rightwingers and critics alike were outraged at the picture of religious zealots in the tale. The situation got so much worse that all tools of government failed to control the situation, but it turned so nasty that eventually the government had to resign.

Hotel Moenjodaro & Other Stories

Lead Story Drama Review: He wrote about the country being plagued by religious extremism and sectarian violence and slowly burning to shreds. This move by the opposition lifted the morale of the movement a step further and they called a countrywide convention, where it was demanded that as the members of the government are heretical and agnostics, so they no longer remained worthy of leadership of a country whose sovereignty belongs to Allah.


Many people regard […]. Columnist, bloggers, writers, poets pour the noblest of words from their vocabulary onto pages and marked their participation in praise of her, her cause and the cause of education. In a matter of just one hour more than hundred thousand people got arrested. Despite the repeated attempts by the rest of the world, no country was successful in doing so.

Khurram Sial marked it as to-read Nov 22, But Pakistan, thanks to the great efforts of its scientists and miraculous achievements in the field of astronomy and space sciences, was actually about to be able to explore that glory.

This is us — the people of the Land of Pure. After dinner, all the guests were witnessing huge TV screens with a pin drop silence in the huge auditorium. Sahir Abbas marked it as to-read Sep 01, And violence erupted throughout the country leaving scores of dead and injured….

You are commenting using your WordPress. Thus they should resign immediately. Soon, the telephone lines of the Pakistani space center got clogged-up with the huge number of calls that were made by the foreign head of states, educationalists, scientists and ordinary people. There was a history in making! This site uses cookies. But his tone is never sarcastic or venomous. The Muslims world over should decry this unnatural priesthood conferred upon the mullah.