Houdini Heart by Ki Longfellow – book cover, description, publication history. Title: Houdini Heart Author: Ki Longfellow First Published: Rating: 5/5 ( Originally, I gave it a 4, for my lack of enthusiasm for the ending. Compre o livro Houdini Heart na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e They draw you into insanity along with the author Ki Longfellow.

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Because of this precarious state, our narrator is highly unreliable, but just how much so only becomes evident as the story progresses. They were together for five years and she became a British citizen. Eio Books yeart, – Psychological fiction – pages. She is the widow of a British national treasure, Vivian Stanshall, who dreamed her name was Ki. Not that is becomes garbled, and it never becomes too weird, but some of the things that happen are little too extreme, too hard to explain away as the main character losing her mind.

Or her suicide note? I’ve finished the book only half hludini hour ago, there’s still much for me to think and rethink about and guess and find answers to.

It’s The Yellow Wallpaper, but not as subtle as that story, which kind of makes it a little less effective. There are no loose ends. Time to lie low.

Detalhes do produto Capa comum: It was ii object of an auction which Harper Collins won to publish in England. The Secret Magdalene reviews: She’s alone, tortured by a horrifying secret no woman could bear.

Someone else researched the Windigo to understand the central “idea. Now I’ve not read any of her other books yet they are there on my Kindle waiting for their turn so Houdini Heart was my introduction to this author, and this is why I gave it 4 starts.


Life and story intermingle, finally becoming indistinguishable. A compelling descent into madness and hallucination with some fine writing along the way.

Oct 28, Earnestdeddie rated it it was amazing Shelves: The sub-text in certain passages rattled me. I loved “Houdini Heart” and could prattle on for hours about Longfellow’s first-person pov of a murderous, cannibalistic slide into absolute madness.

After all, the narrator had warned me time and again … But the how still had an impact. So steeped in the creations of others she can’t tell her own world from theirs. I didn’t want it to stop.

Book Review: Houdini Heart, by Ki Longfellow

Intense, literary, and harrowing, Houdini Heart is a tale of bone-chilling horror, emotional torment, and psychological terror. I intend reading this a few times more for exactly the same reason.

I wanted to be left alone while I read it, and when I wasn’t reading I was feeling so so sad, because it was a k of me, of everyone here who lost those who they loved, of those who live with someone who are running from themselves, of those who are trying to go home to safety but it just wakes something insane, of those who think they make right choices I used to houdink in New York City.

Ki Longfellow First Published: I think she has to be the best anti-hero I’ve ever found. River House has come down in the world, just as she has, and together they weave themselves into a fantastical knot of other people’s talent, first rate talent, or first rate ghosts. Literary Horror Goodreads group. As the days wear on, her internal landscape begins to unravel, and it becomes harder and harder for her — or the reader — to discern what is real, what is imagined, what is remembered and what might even be fiction.


Unfortunately, I think that the author over-played her hand in regard to the allusions to and illusions of characters, scenes, and dialogue from classic works of longfelkow and film by Alfred Hitchcock, Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, H. InSea Urchin Editions published the script of the original Stinkfootwith an introduction by Longfellow. Though descriptions varied somewhat, common to all these cultures was the conception of Wendigos as malevolent, cannibalistic, supernatural beings manitous of great spiritual power.

Those liking House of Leaves I feel are likely to love this, but this work also succeeds in every area House of Leaves drew complaints. And then there’s this!

Ki Longfellow – Wikipedia

The orchestra was made up of local musicians and street buskers. I used to live in Hawaii. A demon, the newly dead, a force, usually ill intended. Ki’s second book on the Divine Feminine is “Flow Down Like Silver,” a novel about the numinous and gifted Hypatia of Alexandria, a tragically ignored historical hoduini of towering intellect who searched through intellect for what the Magdalene knew in her heart.

It’s what she does for a living. Some writers are masterful at this; for instance: This is also a book of subtle richness that yields even longfel,ow on a second, more measured, read.

There she was diagnosed, without benefit of a doctor, as a “severe psycho-neurotic.