Manuals and User Guides for HP Deskjet D We have 3 HP Deskjet D manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Setup Manual. Hewlett-Packard Printer User Manual. DESKJET D Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Deskjet d, Deskjet d, Deskjet d, Deskjet d User guide • Read online or download PDF • HP Deskjet D Printer User Manual • HP Printers.

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The following terms and conventions are used in this user’s guide. Cautions and warnings A Caution indicates possible damage to the HP Deskjet printer or to other equipment.

Use the information in the following table to find out how to do something. You can also use the table of contents ,anual on the left to locate information. Order supplies for the printer. Learn about the paper v4160, requirements, and other specifications for the printer. Use the D4610 Photosmart Express software, which provides a fast and easy way to make prints of your photos or to purchase kanual online.

Buttons and lights Use the printer buttons to turn the printer on and off, cancel a print job, restart a job, and open HP Photosmart Express software. The printer lights give you visual cues about the status of the printer. The Power light flashes when the printer is processing. Caution Always use the Power button to turn the printer on and off. Using a power strip, surge protector, or a wall-mounted switch to turn the printer on and off might cause printer failure.

The HP Photosmart Express software provides a fast and easy mankal to make prints of your photos or to purchase d44160 online. It also provides access to other basic HP imaging software features, such as saving, viewing, and sharing your photos. For information about the paper trays, select one of these topics. HP Photosmart Software Help Pull out the output-tray extension. Input tray The input tray holds paper or other media. HP Deskjet D series To prevent paper from falling out of the output tray, pull out both sections of the output- tray extension.

If you are printing in the Fast Draft mode, raise the output-tray extension stop. If the output-tray extension stop is raised, lower it and then push the second section of the output-tray extension in. Push the first section of the output-tray extension into the output tray.

Pdf Download | HP Deskjet D Printer User Manual ( pages)

Raise the output tray. Raise the input tray. Print cartridges Three print cartridges can be used with the printer. Print Cartridge Ordering Information dialog box: For a list of print cartridge selection numbers, open the printer Toolbox, click the Estimated Ink Level tab, and then click the Print Cartridge Information button.

If a print cartridge runs out of ink, the printer can operate in ink-backup mode. For more information, see Ink-backup For information about installing a replacement print cartridge, see instructions. Note For best printing performance, use a USB 2.


HP Deskjet D4160 Won’t print

For instructions about connecting the printer with a USB cable, see the setup poster that came with dd4160 printer. Note A USB cable might not be packaged with your manuall. HP Photosmart Express software is opened on your computer. HP recommends that you use a cable that is less than 3 meters long.

Print photos from the front USB port Start the HP Photosmart software. If you attached a non-HP digital camera or another device, press the Photosmart Express button on the printer. Ensure that the manjal corresponds to the paper size that you kanual to use. If your software program includes a photo printing feature, follow the instructions that are provided with the software program. Otherwise, follow these instructions.

Open the photo in a software program that allows editing, such as Manua, Photosmart software. Ensure that the size corresponds to the paper size on mwnual you want to print the photo. In most cases, you do not need to change the Basic default print setting.

The Manuql setting sharpens the images that you print, and improves the quality and clarity of low resolution images, such as those downloaded from the Internet. Note To learn how to install a print cartridge, see protect a print cartridge when it is not in the printer, follow these storage guidelines.

Photo paper should be flat before it is printed on. Save money when printing photos To save money and ink when printing photos, use HP Everyday Photo Paper and set the print quality to Normal. HP Everyday Photo Paper is designed to create quality photos with less ink. If you have installed HP Photosmart software, see the HP Photosmart software help to learn about how you can use the software to easily select and share images by e-mail without the use of large file attachments.

Place plain paper in the right side of the input tray. The side to be printed on should face down. Push the paper into the printer until it stops.

Note of the tray. HP Photosmart Software Help box. Depending on the paper size, the paper might extend over the edge Place the envelopes in the right side of the tray.

The flap should be on the left side. Majual the envelopes into the printer until they stop. Slide the paper guide all the way to the left.

Place the cards in the right side of the input tray. The side to be printed on should face down and the short edge should point toward the printer. Push the cards into the printer until they stop. Place the label sheets in the right side of the input tray. The label side should face down. Push the sheets into the printer until they stop. Slide the paper guide firmly against the edge of the sheets. Lower the output tray.


Click the Features tab, and then specify the print settings in the order shown below: Best Select any other print settings that you want, and then click OK. Prepare to print Raise the output tray, and then remove all paper from the input tray.

If you are printing brochures without borders, select the Borderless Printing check box. Specify the following print settings: Best — Paper Type: Click More, and then select an appropriate HP inkjet paper.

Portrait or Landscape — Size: An appropriate paper size — In the Print On Both Sides drop-down list, select one of the following binding options: Click the Features tab, and then specify the following print settings: Normal or Best — Paper Type: An appropriate paper size Click the Advanced tab.

In addition to the printing shortcuts that are available in the Printing Shortcuts list, you can create your own printing shortcuts.

User manual HP DESKJET D – Download your HP DESKJET D user guide or user manual

If you frequently print on transparency film, for example, you can create a printing shortcut by selecting the Presentation Printing shortcut, changing the paper type to HP Premium tab. In the Printing Shortcuts list, click the printing shortcut that you want to delete.

The printing shortcut is removed from the list. Note Only the shortcuts that you have created can be deleted. The original HP shortcuts cannot be deleted. Printing in maximum dpi takes longer than printing with other settings and requires a large amount of disk space. For more information, see When you select the maximum dpi setting, the printer software displays the optimized dots per inch dpi that the HP Deskjet will print.

Print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper Use the printer software to print multiple pages of a document on a single sheet of paper. The printer software automatically resizes the document text and images to fit on the printed page. Select any other print settings that you want, and then click OK.

The printer prints the odd-numbered pages first. Select the following check boxes: Bound two-sided for basic two-sided printing.

HP Deskjet D4160 Printer User Manual

After the odd-numbered pages have been printed, reload the printed pages, with the printed side facing up according to the document orientation, portrait or landscape.

Portrait Landscape Click Continue to print the even-numbered pages. This means that the HP Deskjet is automatically selected in the printer drop-down list when you click Print from the File menu in a software program.