Your Hewlett-Packard (HP) scanner can not only scan photos, business cards, letters and other documents, the device is capable of scanning a document. Here are the simple steps for HP Photosmart scan to computer. If you want to Scan Multiple Documents, Use the Option Save and all. Print, scan, and share with your HP Printer anytime, anywhere! . There’s also no option to print multiple pages on one sheet to save paper or have a smaller.

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Even using genuine inks it may work for a day then not the next. Minor enhancements and bug fixes. DiDiBu replied on Jul 13, Sometimes a bit stubborn to accept the cheap ink cartridges but in the end all ok.

Now available in Greek, Czech, and Hungarian. On line no good. When it stopped printing I bough new expensive printer cartridges which didn’t fix the problem Then for no apparent reason stopped scanning.

So this app scans documents, prints from online storage AND prints. I had the HP now for a year and it was cheap to buy but as with most printers the cartridges blow a hole in your budget.

Drove me absolutely mental when I had to scan coloured forms with my passport photo.

But if you want a quibble what is the point pzges signing into ePrint when you can’t use it from inside the app? Only issue I found is while Scanning multiple paged documents – it multuple an errorhave to find a way to do it. Now we’ve had all sorts off issues with cartridges not lasting anywhere near as long as I think they should and the black cartridge not printing, so often, and saying it’s not genuine – it is!


If you scan as a photo, it breaks everything into groups of ‘images’ which comes out as mutiple few photos a scan per document. It’s easier if you just work out yourself how to set it up. I have used it for more than a month now – so far so good.

I like how the double printing works as well. I can also print from my photo albums and documents. And at random moments, frequent enough about once every four uses it requires a cartridge alignment test.

I really dislike this printer! The ink seems to be getting through but there seems to be something disallowing it. I have 2 sitting in my computer room with the same problem also the led screen stopped the printer head needs to be overhauled and corrected but the quality of the printer when first purchased was awesome but take note always remove your ink cartridges when you’re not using your printer so the printer ink won’t clog up the jets.

Yes, but not from the touch screen panel on the printer. Does the job but is noisy and seems to take forever to go through it’s setup process when turned on.

There is no mention in the printer paperwork only Windows and Mac. Compared to previously used compact photosmarr HP all-in-ones, this one doesn’t impress me.

How to Scan your Documents Using HP PhotoSmart 5520 Printer

The way I get around this is to purchase generic cartridges on eBay for a fraction of the cost. Price was very good too and I’m still using the original set up cartridges. Regularly having problems trying to print black but can always print colours. I only ever have purchased hp inks. I have been using non HP cartridges lately which work fine.


Best value for money – The written instructions in the box were confusing. I performed numerous print head cleans, updated printer, printer head alignments and manual cleaning as shown in instructional videos My printer has been working fine and when the black ran out I replaced it with an hp cartridge.

I am only using the app because iOS print service will only use Tray 1 on my Laserjet which requires manual paper feed. I haven’t tested the scan functions, or the supplies ordering, I strongly suspect I’d have more success doing that from my Mac. Apr Why oh why won’t the black cartridge work! The print quality is very very good. I use my phone to print from my printer a lot and would love to do everything seamlessly from your app without having to research and spend money on others that have the features I need as well as heading back and forth to the website.

How to Scan your Documents Using HP PhotoSmart Printer

Jun HP Photosmart Back up and sync documents with iCloud. BUT this printer is great. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I purchased it about three years ago maybe a bit longer.

Description Print, scan, and share with your HP Printer anytime, anywhere! Geoff parrott asked on Mar 12, It prints well and easy to setup – i am using linux and it works well on linux too.